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1832 Asset Management L.P

1832 Asset Management
1832 Asset Management

For more information about 1832 Asset Management L.P., read on to discover their Investment strategies and Revenue streams. They are an investment management company that provides clients with a quarterly written report that includes a portfolio summary and detailed list of assets. Portfolio managers also keep in regular contact with clients through materials and informal calls. They also conduct an annual review of client portfolios. 1832 does not hold client assets directly; they work with the Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company as their custodian.

1832 Asset Management L.P.

The 1832 Asset Management L.P. is a Canadian wealth management firm that provides investment management, financial planning and advisory services to individuals, small institutions and charitable foundations. Its investment philosophy revolves around a bottom-up stock-picking approach. The firm is a subsidiary of the Bank of Nova Scotia.

The firm manages $49.5 billion in assets. Its portfolio includes over 740 companies. Some of its biggest portfolios include Microsoft and Royal Bk Cda. It is also a member of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada. It has offices across Canada, including the Yukon Territory.

The firm’s fixed income team is led by Bill Girard. He is responsible for managing over $10 billion in corporate credit assets. Bill has extensive experience in trading and research, and has risen through the ranks to become a vice president. Previously, he spent six years with Scotiabank.

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Revenue streams

Revenue streams for 1832 Asset Management vary depending on the business. The firm offers a variety of services, including wealth management, mutual funds, and investment solutions for institutions and private clients. While the firm is mostly focused on institutional clients, it also serves individuals and charitable foundations. The firm generates revenue through its brokerage services and managed asset programs.

The company is owned by the Bank of Nova Scotia and is based in Toronto, Ontario. Its general partner is owned by The Bank of Nova Scotia, which provides information to the manager. The bank also owns funds and entities that are connected to the manager. The bank’s subsidiary 1832 Asset Management operates under this name.

Revenue streams for 1832 asset management include fees earned through investment advisory services. In addition, the firm generates revenue through annual management fees and transaction fees from its clients. These fees are typically a percentage of the firm’s total AUM, which is the amount of capital managed by the company.

Investment strategies

1832 Asset Management
1832 Asset Management

Investment strategies for 1832 Asset Management are not just about investing in stocks, but about choosing the right ones. Proper proxy voting is an important part of 1832’s active investment management approach. It is also a key part of the engagement process with security issuers. In addition, 1832 aims to maintain its fiduciary responsibility to shareholders by making the best investment decisions for the Funds.

The Manager of the Funds obtained approval from Canadian securities regulatory authorities. The Funds may invest in common stocks of Scotiabank and its related entities. Because of this, the Funds’ voting rights may conflict with the interests of 1832, its employees, or other issuers. This could have a material impact on the price of the shares of Scotiabank.

Another way to vote for 1832 is to use third-party proxy voting services. Third-party proxy voting systems offer transparency and an automated proxy voting solution. They also provide 1832 with an auditable record of voting records. These records are due by June 30th. If the Portfolio Administrator votes in a specific stock, they will coordinate with the custodian to recall the stock.

Investors can get detailed quarterly reports from 1832 Asset Management L.P. These reports include a detailed list of all portfolio assets, a performance report, and details on transactions. Moreover, the portfolio managers are in constant communication with their clients through various materials and informal calls. They also conduct an annual review of their portfolios. The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company is the custodian for 1832.


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