Cayenta Asset Management

Cayenta Asset Management Features For Utilities

Cayenta Asset Management
Cayenta Asset Management

Cayenta Asset Management is a flexible asset management solution for businesses. The company has the proven ability to adjust to changing business processes and rules. It offers a suite of features that can help your business grow and thrive. These features include customer preference management (CPM) functionality and mobile work management (MWM).

Customer Preference Management (CPM) functionality

Customer Preference Management (CPM) functionality is a feature that gives utility customers the ability to control what messages they receive from a utility. It also allows utilities to customize messaging through automation features such as screen notifications, workflow, alerts, and opportunities. In addition, CPM allows utility representatives to provide better service to customers and build brand equity.

The Cayenta Asset Management Module integrates with various enterprise applications and provides full end-to-end integration. Its Accounts Receivable module automates various invoicing and payment processes. It also provides complete information reporting and inquiry features and supports multiple accounting standards.

Mobile Work Management (MWM) solution

The Mobile Work Management (MWM) solution from Cayenta Asset Management is designed specifically for utilities, allowing them to complete work orders and service orders in the field. It streamlines reporting and streamlines employee administration. With the MWM solution, workers can easily access, enter, and complete work orders from their smartphones.

With MWM, utilities can optimize their field workforce activities and process work requests within enterprise systems. This automates the entire process and provides exceptional service. While the MWM solution focuses on operational aspects, it also integrates with Cayenta’s asset management solution.

MWM software solutions are often a SaaS solution. They allow companies to implement mobile workforce solutions quickly and easily. These solutions help utility companies improve productivity, improve customer service, and streamline their processes.

Accounts Receivable module

Cayenta’s Accounts Receivable module provides automation and efficiency in the accounting process. The system can be used to manage vendors and track inventory issues. It also offers regulatory reporting and compliance capabilities. The module replaces manual paper-based invoicing processes. The system also offers intuitive payment processing applications. It is customizable to meet your needs and can be configured for multiple accounting standards.

Cayenta’s reporting tools let you easily select and sort data. You can schedule reports to run nightly or daily. You can also view reports on-screen before printing them. The Cayenta Software also offers the ability to develop user-defined reports. The system’s Report Specialists can guide you through the process by identifying the core reporting requirements.

Inventory module

Cayenta Asset Management
Cayenta Asset Management

The Inventory module in Cayenta Asset Management software is an important part of managing your assets. It helps you manage inventory, and tracks the movement of inventory. When an issue occurs with inventory, it is immediately charged to the appropriate account code, work order, or job number, providing maximum financial control and system flexibility. Using this module, you will have the right information at your fingertips to make informed decisions for the future of your assets.

Besides providing a centralized platform for asset management and accounting, Cayenta also offers an enterprise software solution for utilities, including the CIS, FMS, HCM, and WMS. Cayenta CIS provides a comprehensive solution for customer management and billing. It enables you to implement best practices, streamline business processes, and improve customer service. It also supports budget and prepay billing.

Customer engagement platform

A good customer engagement platform can help your company track and measure customer engagement. This tool can also track hot leads and help your sales team follow up with those who have signed up for a free trial or demo. A customer engagement platform should also allow your sales team to conduct video calls with hot leads. This feature can help increase buyer confidence and land new accounts.

An effective customer engagement platform will allow you to track customer interaction and build a profile of each customer. This information will help your marketing team understand what your customers want and how to best serve them. You can also tailor your marketing campaigns to meet your customers where they are.


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