Elmwood Asset Management

Are you looking for a job at Elmwood Asset Management LLC? If so, you have come to the right place. This article provides information about this financial advisory firm, which manages 14 CLOs. This company is majority owned by Elliott Management Corporation and employs 3 people. If you’re interested in the company’s culture, benefits, or salary range, keep reading. We hope these facts will help you decide if Elmwood is right for you.

Elmwood Asset Management LLC is a financial advisory firm

Elmwood Asset Management
Elmwood Asset Management

Elmwood Asset Management LLC is a New York-based investment advisory firm. It manages approximately $8.5 billion of assets for 17 customer accounts. While it may be one of the largest financial advisory firms in the country, the firm is actually quite small with only 11 financial advisors. Elmwood is not a registered broker-dealer, so investors must go through a brokerage firm to purchase securities.

The company is a subsidiary of Elliott Management Corporation, which is majority-owned. Elmwood’s team is led by Adrian Marshall. Although some middle and back office support functions are completed in-house, the firm outsources most of them to IHS Markit. A COO oversees all of the firm’s activities and is based in New York. Elmwood maintains a separate account for each client.

It manages 14 CLOs

Octagon Capital Management is an alternative investment manager with a proven track record in the credit markets. Its experience in credit markets and substantial investment in technology and human capital contribute to its portfolio management process. This firm employs fundamental credit analysis to determine investment opportunities that meet its investors’ needs and risk tolerances. Its portfolio managers focus on achieving long-term capital appreciation. As a result, the company has attracted a large client base, including institutions.

It is majority owned by Elliott Management Corporation

ELMWOOD ASSET MANAGEMENT LLC is a Delaware limited liability company with 12 employees. Of those, eight are in advisory roles. It has an unknown number of clients. Information provided by this firm is provided without warranty and is provided for informational purposes only. Elmwood is majority owned by Elliott Management Corporation. The company has received favorable ratings from several industry publications, including the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times.

Elmwood Asset Management
Elmwood Asset Management

Invesco, a global investment manager with $946 billion of assets under management, is an investor in Elwood Asset Management. Elwood is an investment firm that provides institutional investors with exposure to digital assets and blockchain technology. The company recently launched its first product on the London Stock Exchange. Elwood Asset Management’s new blockchain ETF was developed in collaboration with Invesco. It gives investors exposure to global companies generating earnings from blockchain technology. In addition, Quantifi announced that it has been selected by Elwood Asset Management as a PMS.

It employs 3 people

Elmwood Asset Management, LLC is a financial services firm with offices in Berkeley, CA and Berkeley, NV. The firm employs three people, with two working as investment advisers and one as a registered representative. The firm does not pay employees for client referrals, but compensates them when they bring in new clients. The firm is headquartered at 2027 Fourth Street in Berkeley, CA, and does not have any offices outside the United States.

The firm invests mainly in exchange-traded securities, which account for 80 percent of its AUM. Government bonds and cash equivalents make up the remainder of the firm’s AUM. Elmwood relies on several revenue streams, including fixed fees and brokerage commissions. In return, clients pay the firm on a percentage of their assets under management, which promotes a long-term relationship. The fee does not include taxes or brokerage commissions.

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