Fenimore Asset Management

Fenimore Asset Management is a registered investment advisor located in Los Angeles, California. The firm provides services to high-net-worth individuals, investment companies, corporations, profit sharing plans, and charitable organizations. The firm is comprised primarily of investment companies, which are the largest segment of its clientele. Fenimore has a total regulatory asset base of $3.1 billion. For more information, read the following.

Tom Putnam

Fenimore Asset Management
Fenimore Asset Management

Founded by Thomas O. Putnam in 1974, Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. provides investment advisory services and consultative services to individuals and institutions. It is a New York corporation with a service area that includes the continental United States. Putnam is the principal investment professional of the company and was born in 1944. Since then, he has been actively employed with the firm. In addition to his role as principal investment professional, Putnam is also responsible for the firm’s research and investment activities.

Fenimore Asset Management is a national investment advisor with an office in Albany and Cobleskill. It offers a family of mutual funds and separately managed accounts. The company prides itself on carefully selecting businesses and providing highly personalized investment services. For more information about their products and services, visit fenimoreassetmanagement.com. Just like its name suggests, Fenimore Asset Management manages the FAM Funds.

Performance-based fees

Fenimore Asset Management is a registered investment company that offers investment advisory services and consulting. Its clients include individuals, pension and profit-sharing plans, corporations, non-profit organizations, and Keogh retirement plans. The fee structure is designed to reward investors for achieving a desired investment outcome by paying performance-based fees. The Fenimore team includes investment professionals with years of experience.

The firm has an extensive team of investment professionals, including two co-managers for the FAM Equity-Income Fund and the FAM Small Cap Fund. Both have extensive backgrounds in investment research and portfolio management. Andrew F. Boord joined Fenimore in 2011, after which he completed graduate studies at Tulane University. He earned an MBA in 1968. In addition to Paul Putnam, John Fox serves as co-manager of the FAM Value Fund. He joined the firm in 2011 and has been active in investment management since 1996.


In addition to providing investment advice to retail investors, Fenimore Asset Management, Inc. also serves high-net-worth investors. Its clients include 365 high-net-worth individuals. By SEC definition, a high-net-worth individual has an AUM of more than $750,000 and a net worth of at least $1.50 million. In order to be a client of Fenimore Asset Management, Inc., an individual must be a qualified purchaser and invest at least $5 million in the firm’s products.

Founded in 1974, Fenimore Asset Management offers a family of mutual funds and individually managed portfolios. Their team of investment professionals specializes in selecting high-quality companies and offers customized investment strategies to suit their clients’ goals and needs. With an average asset value of $3.1 billion, Fenimore Asset Management focuses on investing in high-quality businesses that have been carefully selected by experts. As a result, their services are tailored to their client’s specific needs and risk tolerance.

Fenimore Asset Management
Fenimore Asset Management

The investment advisors at Fenimore Asset Management provide investment advisory services to individuals, corporations, profit-sharing plans and non-profit organizations. Licensed investment advisors manage assets for all types of retirement plans, including Keogh plans. Fenimore Asset Management offices are located throughout the country, but do not have offices outside the United States. The investment advisors at Fenimore have a combined 40 years of experience in the field.

Putnam is a principal officer of Fenimore and the president of the company’s investment management trust. He receives a monthly fee of 0.90% of the Fund’s average daily net assets. He completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Rochester, earning a Bachelor of Arts in economics in 1966. He then went on to earn an MBA from Tulane University in 1968. Another key employee at Fenimore Asset Management is John Fox. He serves as the co-manager of the FAM Value Fund and has been actively involved in investment management since 1996.


The average salary at Fenimore Asset Management is $25,000 per year. Employees earn between $12 and $18 an hour, which is below the national average. The company also offers soft-dollar benefits, such as bonuses and stock options. Employees are compensated for bringing in new clients, and referring clients is also a form of compensation. In addition to salaries, Fenimore Asset Management also offers a variety of benefits and perks, such as a generous health plan.

The company is a large advisory firm with approximately 31 employees in 16 different advisory positions. The number of clients served by the firm is not publicly disclosed, but the company manages regulatory assets worth $3.13 billion and 1,031 client accounts. The firm has been registered with the SEC since 2001 and has offices in 16 states. The company doesn’t offer financial planning services, but it does offer mutual funds and separate accounts. The employees of the firm are experts in asset management and help people preserve their wealth.

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