Grafton Asset Management

Geeta Sankappanavar is a co-founder and president of Grafton Asset Management, an investment firm that specializes in energy investments. She is responsible for the firm’s overall strategy and oversight of all of Grafton’s business units. Prior to Grafton, she was an asset manager at New Vernon Capital, focusing on India and Emerging Markets. Now, she aims to attract global investors to the company’s portfolio of energy assets.

Geeta Sankappanavar is the Co-founder and President of Grafton Asset Management

Grafton Asset Management
Grafton Asset Management

Geeta Sankappanavar has built a strong record as a leader in the investment industry. Before founding Grafton Asset Management, she served as vice-president of New Vernon Capital, a $3 billion blue-chip asset management firm. She has also been named one of Alberta’s 50 most influential people, and Calgary’s Top 40 under 40.

Geeta Sankappanavar has a unique background. She studied neuroscience in university and found her calling in the energy industry. She had originally planned on becoming a research neuroscientist, but a tragic event pushed her toward a different path. After surviving that event, she continued her education and became a leader in the energy industry. She shares her advice on how to break through the glass ceiling, how to be successful in the energy industry, how to network like a boss and why women have to be more charismatic.

Geeta Sankappanavar was born and raised in Calgary. She has brought over $1 billion into the Calgary economy. She also has a passion for encouraging women in the energy industry. She has endured a cancer-related life-threatening illness. Then, she seized the opportunity and built a company dedicated to gender equality and the advancement of women in business.

The firm is a global energy sector investment manager

Calgary-based Grafton Asset Management Inc. focuses on investing in energy companies across the capital structure. The firm develops bespoke energy investment solutions by leveraging its transactional expertise and long-term relationships in the Canadian energy sector. The firm employs a team of specialized energy investment professionals. The firm is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Here are some of the key things you should know about Grafton Asset Management.

One of the biggest differences between a publicly traded company and a private company is that the latter may be a better bet than the former. While many investors are hesitant to invest in publicly traded companies, many have a preference for those with a proven track record. That makes it difficult to determine which company is the right fit for your investment strategy. As a result, it is important to know what the fund manager’s track record is.

It plans to attract capital from global investors

Grafton Asset Management
Grafton Asset Management

Canadian oil and gas prices are near their lowest level since the 1970s, but a Calgary-based investment firm says it expects the recovery to be muted. Instead, it plans to seek investments in renewable and environmentally friendly power projects across Canada. The firm hopes to attract capital from global investors, which come primarily from Europe and the Middle East. Its strategy is not unlike many of its competitors, which are seeking to diversify into different industries.

As part of its plan to increase its assets, Grafton Asset Management has brought on Wesley Lund as Associate Director of Markets Regulation. Prior to Grafton, Wesley worked as a solicitor at Linklaters LLP, where he specialized in structured products and derivatives. Wesley also spent a year on a client secondment at Goldman Sachs International, Lehman Brothers International (Europe), Man Investments AG and The Royal Bank of Scotland. Wesley is a qualified solicitor with a degree in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Edinburgh.

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