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Graticule Asset Management Asia Pte Ltd

Graticule Asset Management
Graticule Asset Management

Graticule Asset Management Asia Pte. Ltd. is an advisory firm based in Singapore. It currently manages regulatory assets worth $8.35 billion for 6 client accounts. Since 2018, the firm has been registered as an adviser with the SEC. However, the firm does not provide financial planning services for its clients or engage in any other business activities.

Graticule Asset Management Asia

Based in Singapore, Graticule Asset Management Asia Pte. Ltd. is a large advisory firm. Its portfolios total more than $8.35 billion, and it advises several private funds. It employs 91 people. About half of them are investment advisers and researchers. The remaining are employed in other business capacities.

The firm’s primary focus is on alternative investment strategies. It pursues superior risk-adjusted returns through its global asset management practices. It also provides superior client service. The firm’s investment philosophy is based on global macroeconomic themes and Asia-related investment themes. Among its other objectives, it focuses on research.

Alternative investment strategies

Alternative investment strategies are an excellent way to add a new element to your portfolio while maintaining a low correlation to the traditional asset classes. Moreover, they serve as a good diversifier, increasing returns while reducing risk. They have become increasingly popular over the past decade, with investments in these strategies reaching $9.5 trillion in the US and $14 trillion by 2023. In addition, they are a more efficient way to diversify your portfolio.

Traditionally, alternative investments have involved investing in public stocks. However, in recent years, they have been expanding beyond traditional hedge funds to incorporate other asset classes. These alternative investments include managed accounts, private equity, liquid alternatives, and regulated funds. Today, the term “hedge fund” is no longer widely used, and investors generally classify these strategies based on their risk profile, liquidity, or asset class.

The HFSB is a global standards body for the alternative investment industry. Its signatories commit to these standards, and it publishes industry guidelines and resources. It also has working groups on total expense ratios and factor-based investment.

Fee structure

If you want a high-quality investment manager with a fee structure that’s fair to both sides, Graticule Asset Management may be right for you. Founded in 2012 by Daniel Levinson, Graticule has over $3 billion under management and a reputation for excellence. Its team of professionals includes some of the best traders in the industry.

Fees are based on the amount of assets that the firm manages for clients. These fees don’t include brokerage commissions, account expenses, or tax liabilities. Currently, Graticule Asset Management Asia Pte. Ltd. serves clients with pooled investment vehicles and has a client base of eight billion dollars.

The fee structure for investment managers is increasingly important to a successful portfolio outcome. Fortunately, fees are lowering in many asset classes. Increasingly, investors can use a variety of tools to ensure that they get the most value for their money.

Employee compensation

Graticule Asset Management
Graticule Asset Management

The company Graticule Asset Management Asia Pte. Ltd. employs 16 people in Asia. It is an investment adviser and advises a number of private funds. Its address is 1 Wallich Street, #16 03 Guoco Tower. The company does not offer any compensation to employees for bringing in new clients. It has 16 direct and indirect owners.

Bonus pay for asset managers is on the decline, and job cuts may be a possibility by 2022. From 2021 to 2022, traditional asset management firms saw a 17.5 percent decrease in employee incentives. This decline is a problem for many asset managers, as bonuses make up a major part of an asset manager’s compensation, including base salaries.


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