Impala Asset Management

Impala Asset Management has closed its doors to investors. Despite recent gains, Bob Bishop is no longer with the firm. It has transitioned to a family office. Bob Bishop has extensive experience in investing, and he has been at the helm of several investment firms including Blackrock and JP Morgan. His expertise and financial knowledge helped Impala generate positive results for clients. However, there are some red flags that should be noted before entrusting your money to Impala.

Bob Bishop

Impala Asset Management
Impala Asset Management

Despite the controversy that’s swirling around it, Impala Asset Management’s founder Bob Bishop is stepping down as a family office. His former firm, which made big bets on energy, industrials, materials and technology stocks, was shut down in March. The recent change of management has left some stockholders unhappy. The company is seeking new management to address the discontent. It’s unclear whether Impala will pursue its own independent director’s position.

The founder and managing principal of Impala Asset Management, Bob Bishop received his M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a B.A. in Political Science from Northwestern University. Robert Bishop is a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund investor. Prior to founding Impala Asset Management, Bishop worked as a portfolio manager and chief investment officer at Soros Fund Management in 2002 and 2003. He also served as a managing director at Tiger Management and a principal at Maverick Capital. Prior to joining Impala, Bishop worked as a stock analyst at Salomon Brothers and Kingdon Capital. Previously, he served as the legislative assistant/director of Congressmen Toby Roth and Don Ritter.

Offices in New York and Florida

Impala Asset Management focuses on global cyclical equities and was founded by industry veteran Bob Bishop in 2004. Its investment process blends bottom-up research with macro perspectives to create a concentrated portfolio that targets natural volatility in fundamental industries. As a result, Impala aims to provide investors with the appropriate exposure to cyclical stocks and the historical context to help make the best decisions possible. The company employs 28 people and has offices in New York and Florida.

Impala Asset Management focuses on investments in exchange traded securities (ETS), cash equivalents, and derivatives. Its clients pay for the service on the basis of their asset management fees and performance, but there are no brokerage commissions, no taxes, and no minimum balance. To make the process more transparent for investors, Impala’s website includes salary information and benefits. The company also has an employee directory on Zippia.


According to its latest SEC filing, Impala Asset Management owns 38 stocks. The fund’s total AUM is $1,159,026,000. The company’s top holdings include Danaos Corporation (US:DAC) and Rio Tinto plc (US:RIO).

Founded in 2004, Bob Bishop’s firm is a value investor that focuses on global cyclical equities. The fund’s investment expertise was honed during many market cycles. Today, it remains true to its roots while adapting to changing times. During the last couple of years, Impala has been able to benefit from the rise in technology stocks and the recent jump in energy and industrial stocks.

Fees charged

Impala Asset Management
Impala Asset Management

Impala Asset Management, LLC is a large advisory firm based in Connecticut that manages $3.01 billion in regulatory assets and advises 25 separate client accounts. The firm is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has been in business since 2005. Impala does not offer financial planning services and does not engage in any other business activities. The fees charged by Impala are based on a percentage of client assets under management. The firm does not charge brokerage commissions or taxes.

The fee is based on a percentage of the asset value and does not include discretionary performance fees. Unless stated otherwise, the fee is non-disclosure. It may be subject to audit and other compliance fees. Impala reserves the right to adjust the fee in accordance with market conditions. It is not required to disclose the amount of these fees. Impala will reimburse record holders for reasonable out-of-pocket expenses.

Returns since inception

Impala Asset Management, which was founded by Bob Bishop, has produced strong returns over the last two years. The firm manages $2.5 billion in assets and has made a profit shorting technology stocks this year. The fund has returned over 20% annually since inception, beating the S&P 500 by nearly 2 percentage points. It has an impressive track record, too: in October, Bishop wrote a letter to investors outlining his plans to continue building Impala’s success.

The company’s performance can be attributed to Gary Yablon, the Managing Partner of the firm. He joined the firm in 2004 and has a background in global transportation and logistics. He previously served as the Managing Director of Credit Suisse First Boston, where he was responsible for freight transportation equity research. He also worked at Oppenheimer & Co. before joining Impala Asset Management. However, he is not an expert in the field, so he will not be able to provide specific research on the firm’s investments.

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