Kirkoswald Asset Management

Greg Coffey Invests in Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC

Kirkoswald Asset Management
Kirkoswald Asset Management

Greg Coffey has invested in Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC. The investment comes at a cost. We’ll look at the fees, the company’s holdings, and Coffey’s former employers. We’ll also look at what he’s done for these companies.

Greg Coffey’s investment in Kirkoswald asset management

Greg Coffey is launching a new fund, Kirkoswald Capital Partners, with the aim of raising $2 billion. He has already secured commitments from investors, with the former CEO of Abbeville Partners, Louis Bacon, doubling his investment. The fund is expected to open in London in six months and will invest in emerging markets. While the firm will have offices in London and New York, Coffey plans to keep the size of the fund at around $2bn.

Coffey is an Australian, but has spent most of his career in the UK. He started his own fund two years ago with Bacon’s backing. However, Bacon said last year that he would not be investing in firms for outside clients. The company employs 20 people. Coffey’s new team includes Patricia Martin, who worked with Coffey at GLG Partners and Moore Europe. James Saltisi and Stuart Atkinson are two others who worked for Coffey. In addition to the two co-founders, Kirkoswald Asset Management also employs Richard Blake as head of business development and Robert Price as head of operations.

The fund has returned a higher percentage than the Bloomberg Index. In the past, Coffey was mentored by Louis Bacon, who has now shut down his hedge fund Moore Capital Management. His fund was renowned as a successful emerging markets fund manager, and Bacon has said Coffey was “one of the best traders in history.”

Fees charged by Kirkoswald asset management LLC

Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC charges fees based on the services provided. It does not offer a wrap fee program. The firm serves six high-net-worth individuals, with 83% of their accounts located outside of the United States. Kirkoswald’s clients include private funds and hedge funds. Kirkoswald’s minimum investment size is $1 million.

Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC is a large advisory firm based in New York City. It manages nearly $7.6 billion in regulatory assets for its clients, which make it one of the larger firms in the United States. Despite its size, it maintains a small staff of nine financial advisors. The firm’s services are primarily geared toward discretionary accounts.

Holdings of Kirkoswald asset management LLC

Kirkoswald Asset Management
Kirkoswald Asset Management

Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC is a large advisory firm based in New York City. They currently manage over $7.6 billion in regulatory assets for four separate client accounts. The firm has been registered with the SEC as an adviser since 2018. While they don’t provide financial planning services to clients or engage in other business activities, they do invest in stocks and other tradable financial assets. Currently, the firm has nine financial advisors, but they do not act as a registered broker-dealer.

Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC charges a fee for its services. The firm does not participate in wrap fee programs, and its fees are based on the services it provides. Its typical client account size is $1.3 billion. Advisors at the firm usually oversee one or two accounts. The firm’s central office is located at 520 Madison Avenue in New York, NY 10022.

Kirkoswald Asset Management LLC’s 13-F filings provide investors with a list of its major holdings. Each holding is listed by name, as well as the number of shares held. The company also reports on any changes in share count and position size from previous reporting periods.

Former employers of Coffey

In the past, Coffey was a key member of the team at Kirkoswald Asset Management, a hedge fund founded by Sir Peter Coffey. He had a very different role at the company, however. He was tasked with running the company’s emerging market equity derivatives business. Coffey also managed investments for other clients.

Before joining Kirkoswald, Coffey worked for GLG Partners and Moore Capital. He managed two emerging market funds. He left his former employers to set up his own firm, Kirkoswald, after resigning from Moore Capital Management in 2012. Coffey has a wife and three children, and he lives in London, Jura, and Australia. He also has a 12,000-acre estate and golf course in Jura.

The fund will launch with $1 billion within two months. Coffey is expected to put a large portion of his net worth into the fund. The fund will have offices in New York and London, and will run a global macro strategy with an emphasis on emerging markets.


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