Leucadia Asset Management

Leucadia Asset Management offers asset management services to corporations, investment funds, hedge funds, and pooled investment vehicles. With $1.99 billion under management, they have the second-highest percentage of pooled investment vehicles in the industry. Currently, they advise six hedge funds, including Leucadia. In fact, the firm advises more hedge funds than any other asset management company. However, there are some important differences between these firms.

Illuminate Financial Management

Leucadia Asset Management
Leucadia Asset Management

Jefferies Financial Group’s Leucadia Asset Management has teamed up with Illuminate Economical Managers to invest in fintech companies. Both firms specialize in the financial services industry, and Illuminate is dedicated to fintech companies. Jefferies has a long history of investing in fintech companies, and Leucadia has a deep track record in these sectors.

The partnership between the two firms will boost Illuminate’s venture capital strategy. Leucadia has invested in Gemini, a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange. But due to the effects of a “crypto winter,” the company is laying off one-tenth of its staff. Cameron Winklevoss and Tyler Winklevoss are investing in the same companies.


Leucadia Asset Management
Leucadia Asset Management

Jefferies Financial Group’s subsidiary Leucadia Asset Management has announced a strategic partnership with Hildene Capital Management. Hildene will receive a non-controlling financial interest in Leucadia, which will help seed new vehicles and businesses. The transaction will allow Hildene to expand its institutional presence and continue its growth. Hildene is an asset management firm with $12 billion in assets.

Based in Connecticut, Hildene Capital Management, LLC is an institutional asset manager that manages over $12B in regulatory assets. They focus on asset-based investments such as CDOs and hedge funds. Their diversified approach combines investment strategies and asset classes with expertise in asset-management and investment strategy. Their fees are based on percentage of assets under management or performance-based fees. Performance-based fees don’t include brokerage commissions, taxes, or other account expenses.

Pearlstone Alternative

Jefferies Financial Group’s Leucadia Asset Management is forming a strategic partnership with credit opportunities investment group Pearlstone Alternative. The partnership will see Leucadia provide seed capital and distribution services to Pearlstone. Founded in 2021, Pearlstone is led by former CQS special situations group head Ivelina Green and includes Richard Lewis and Miles Tadman. Both were previously in the Goldman Sachs’ C-suite.

Leucadia Asset Management is a diversified alternative asset management platform, offering a diverse portfolio of investment strategies. The firm manages money for institutional clients and provides global distribution. The company has an affiliate relationship with Jefferies Financial Group Inc., and will invest alongside Manteio to take advantage of its systematic investment strategies. Its mission is to apply quantitative and artificial intelligence to identify sources of alpha and develop the most efficient use of technology.

Tephra Digital

Jefferies’ Leucadia Asset Management has signed a strategic partnership with Tephra Digital, a new digital assets investment firm. The two companies are partnering on the company’s liquid token strategy, which aims to provide investors with exposure to the emerging blockchain and Web3 ecosystems. In doing so, the firms will be able to help investors gain access to the most promising digital assets. This new partnership paves the way for greater adoption of the technologies.

The new partnership is the latest in a string of investments made by Tephra Digital, LLC, a venture capital firm focused on digital assets. The firm combines long-term investing philosophy with best-in-class service providers. Tephra Digital is co-founded by Raghav Chopra, previously Managing Principal of Riposte Capital, and Ryan Price, a former Portfolio Manager at Steadfast Financial LP and AllianceBernstein LP.

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