Mclean Asset Management

Mclean Asset Management Corp. provides investment management services for a wide variety of customers, including corporations, pension plans, and high-net-worth individuals. The firm has a client list of approximately 2,015 accounts. To qualify, high-net-worth individuals must have an investment balance of over $750,000. For individuals with less than $5 million, they must have investments of at least $50,000 to qualify for an account. Mclean Asset Management Corp. offers a variety of investment products that suit clients’ needs and objectives.

Fee-only Wealth Management firm

Fee-only wealth management firms are not paid through commissions on financial products. Instead, they receive fees from clients who hire them for their advice and recommendations. Advisory fees may be based on an hourly rate, flat project fee, or monthly/annual retainer. Fee-only financial planners are ethically obligated to act in the client’s best interests, which may not be the same as yours.

Mclean Asset Management
Mclean Asset Management

Mclean Asset Management Corp. is a fee-only wealth management firm that is located in Vienna, Virginia. It oversees $990.9 million in total assets, and has more than two thousand five hundred accounts. Although Mclean is one of the nation’s largest financial advisory firms, it still boasts a relatively small staff of 19 investment advisors. Unlike other firms, Mclean Asset Management does not operate as a broker-dealer. It uses modern technology to assist clients in clarifying their financial situation, while remaining their trusted chief financial officer.

Investment advisory firm

Mclean Asset Management Corp. is a fee-only investment advisory firm based in Tysons, VA. It manages $990,867,575 in assets for clients in twenty states. The firm’s mission is to serve as the client’s trusted chief financial officer. This means offering financial planning services, portfolio management services, retirement consulting services, and educational seminars. The company employs 29 people in total, 19 of whom are investment advisors.

The firm specializes in retirement planning, insurance counseling, and estate planning. Its advisors can help select funds and portfolio managers based on risk tolerance and investment goals. They have access to over 10,000 funds and don’t use a broker-dealer network to invest client funds. Most of the funds are invested in mutual funds or exchange-traded funds. This fee-based firm works primarily with individuals, though some work with pension plans.

Investment company

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Mclean Asset Management Corp. is one of the country’s larger financial advisory firms. With over $990.9 million under management, it is one of the largest firms of its kind in the country. However, it does not have a large staff, only 19 financial advisors. Its philosophy is to help its clients clarify their financial future and take control of their financial future. The goal is to act as a trusted chief financial officer.

The firm employs 24 individuals, including 15 registered investment adviser representatives. The firm pays its employees for bringing in new clients, and two employees are responsible for attracting new customers. While Mclean Asset Management is a member of the Better Business Bureau’s SEC-registered investment advisers list, it receives compensation from other entities for bringing in new clients. As a result, the firm has earned an exemplary reputation among investors.

Mclean Asset Management
Mclean Asset Management
Investment planning firm

Mclean Asset Management Corp. is a fee-only financial advisory firm with more than two decades of experience. This firm’s goal is to help its clients manage their investments by clarifying their financial situation and controlling it. Ideally, the company’s investment professionals would act as their client’s trusted chief financial officer. Their services are tailored to the needs of individual investors and corporate clients. They offer financial planning seminars and have affiliations with insurance companies.

Investment planning is a fundamental component of any financial plan. Financial planning services typically involve selecting the right mix of investments and creating a sound portfolio strategy. Investment strategies may include buying low and selling high. Additionally, the firm can recommend other financial advisors and help you choose one. Other services offered by Mclean Asset Management include retirement plan consulting, executive advisory services, and financial planning. Unlike many investment advisers, the firm does not require a minimum amount of money.

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