NorthCoast Asset Management

If you are interested in diversifying your portfolio and preserving capital during down markets, NorthCoast Asset Management may be the right choice for you. NorthCoast’s management team is highly experienced and specializes in long-term portfolio performance. Working with iShares by BlackRock and Investor’s Business Daily, NorthCoast offers a wide range of investment programs designed to help clients manage volatility. Read on for more information.

Sierpinski Tactical Growth

NorthCoast Asset Management
NorthCoast Asset Management

NorthCoast Asset Management has announced its new multi-asset core portfolio, Sierpinski Tactical Growth. Powered by Hedgeye Risk Management, the Sierpinski Tactical Growth fund seeks to preserve capital during all economic cycles. The fund utilizes quantitative investment research that maps key capital market and economic data. This strategy offers investors a layer of transparency that is not always available with traditional investment funds.

The Sierpinski Tactical Growth strategy was designed by mathematician Waclaw “Serpinski,” a Polish mathematician and contributor to the field of fractals. His famous Sierpinski Square is a fractal fixed set that is divided into smaller squares. This pattern is an example of self-similar sets, which are reproducible at any magnification. This investment strategy uses quantitative data analysis to create a multi-asset core portfolio diversifier. It includes the Quad Risk Management Overlay, which hedging and maximizing performance.

Goals Planning System

One of life’s most important aspects is financial security. To ensure that you will always have enough money to meet your needs, NorthCoast offers a variety of investment products. The firm provides financial planning and individual guidance to meet your investment goals. Every NorthCoast portfolio is backed by active security selection, daily market research, and disciplined risk management. We understand that if you are an investor, you need thoughtful solutions.

Alternative approach to risk management

An Alternative approach to risk management for NorthCoast asset managers is one of the first steps in their multi-faceted investment process. NorthCoast’s investment philosophy emphasizes careful analysis of existing risks and opportunities. The risk analysis process starts with daily market research and active security selection. They combine this with disciplined risk management. Investors need thoughtful solutions to their most complicated issues. This is where NorthCoast’s expertise comes into play.

The NorthCoast Long/Cash strategy seeks to outperform the market through a systematic beta exposure model and factor-based stock selection process. This strategy reduces downside risk while maintaining a higher upside potential. Annualized returns of the NorthCoast Long/Cash Equity strategy are higher than the 60/40 blend of stocks and bonds. The firm also purchases put options on stocks at regular intervals to mitigate downside risk.

Portfolio performance
NorthCoast Asset Management
NorthCoast Asset Management

NorthCoast Asset Management, LLC is a large, investment advisory firm based in Greenwich, CT. The firm manages regulatory assets in excess of $1.66 billion and has over 4,166 accounts under management. The firm has been registered with the SEC since 2004 and operates in 44 states. Its core services include the management of portfolios for both individuals and investment companies. The firm does not provide financial planning services or engage in any other type of business.

NorthCoast Asset Management invests heavily in the financial, consumer discretionary, and health care sectors. It also invests heavily in utilities, telecommunications, and materials. In terms of turnover rates, the firm holds its allocations for a median of 1.9 quarters. In the most recent quarter, the firm reported a 104.4% turnover rate. These are relatively high turnover rates, but not necessarily indicative of the future performance of your portfolio.

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