Owl Creek Asset Management

Owl Creek Asset Management employs distressed investment strategies, event-driven investment strategies, and long-short investment strategies. The firm primarily invests in bank debt, corporate bonds, and high-yield debt, along with receivables and trade claims. It also advises U.S. and offshore funds. Founded in 2009, Owl Creek Asset manages over $1.1 billion for clients worldwide. Its investments focus on borrowers with troubled debt, including bank and credit default swaps, mortgages, and trade-related securities.

Altman is the managing member of the general partner of owl creek asset management

Owl Creek Asset Management

Jeffrey A. Altman is the founder and managing member of Owl Creek Asset Management, L.P. He serves as chief portfolio manager and oversees all aspects of the firm’s investment activities, including research. Altman is responsible for overseeing a team of analysts and traders. He oversees all aspects of the firm’s operations, from the back office to the research department. The firm’s COO and director of marketing report directly to Altman.

The general partner of Owl Creek Asset Management is Stephen Altman. He is a financial adviser and has been in this position for nearly five years. He has a background in investment consulting and has spent the last several years developing his own investing methodology. His investment style is a combination of fundamental value investing and event-driven investing. Its clients include institutional investors, pension funds, and family offices. In addition to private accounts, the firm advises ten hedge funds and several private funds. To become a member of Owl Creek Asset Management, you must have at least $100,000 or more.

The firm employs 31 people

Owl Creek Asset Management, L.P. employs 31 people. About 35 percent of them are investment advisers and researchers. There are no registered investment adviser representatives at the firm. Advisory fees are paid out as a percentage of the client’s assets under management, promoting a long-term relationship between the adviser and client. These fees do not include brokerage commissions, interest, taxes, or other account expenses.

The firm’s portfolio is diverse, encompassing assets from both private and public funds. Its primary focus is on event-driven and fundamental value investing, and the firm’s clients include private pools of investment vehicles, nonprofit organizations, banks, and investment companies. Some of the company’s clients are large, publicly traded companies, and wealthy individuals. It also advises several private and publicly held hedge funds. To become a client, you must invest at least a million dollars.

It advises U.S. and offshore funds

Owl Creek Asset Management
Owl Creek Asset Management

Founded in 1995, Owl Creek Asset Management advises U.S. and offshore funds. Its clients include private pooled investment vehicles, nonprofit organizations, charitable organizations, banks, and investment companies. Other clients include wealthy individuals, nonprofit organizations, corporations, and other business entities. Owl Creek Asset charges a 1.5% annual fee, with the minimum amount waived if the client is a nonprofit organization.

The team at Owl Creek includes Benjamin Allensworth, an investment attorney with more than 18 years’ experience in representing investment managers. He most recently served as the managing director and counsel of the Managed Funds Association. His practice also includes family office asset management. A team of seven attorneys and other professionals supports the firm’s mission of advising U.S. and offshore funds. The firm is based in New York.

It doesn’t provide financial planning services

Owl Creek Asset Management is an investment company that focuses on distressed and event-driven investments. Its clients are individuals, pension plans, corporate and charitable organizations, and institutional investors. Its financial planning services aren’t available to small investors, though, and it doesn’t provide advice regarding financial goals or risk management. Its financial planning services charge a fee based on the assets the firm manages, rather than on the amount of assets a client invests.

Owl Creek Asset Management is based in New York and has 17 clients. The firm is registered as an adviser with the SEC since 2006 and currently manages $4.52 billion in regulatory assets for 17 clients. It advises numerous hedge funds and private funds and manages an additional seventeen client accounts. However, it doesn’t provide financial planning services or engage in any other business activities. Nevertheless, you may be interested in Owl Creek Asset Management’s investment advice if you’re looking for a financial advisor with high-quality credentials.

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