Park West Asset Management

Park West Asset Management
Park West Asset Management

If you are considering an investment in a growth capital fund, you might want to learn more about Park West Asset Management LLC. This Larkspur, California-based investment firm advises several private funds. Its total holdings stand at 88, with over $5.8 billion under management. Here is a quick summary of some of the company’s investment strategies. In short, the firm focuses on later-stage companies.

Park West Asset Management LLC is a growth capital investment firm

Park West Asset Management LLC is a growth-capital investment firm based in New York. The firm invests in startups in the following industries: Chemicals and allied products, apparel and accessories stores, lodging places, and internet services. The average startup value is between $100 million and $500 million. The firm’s portfolio is comprised of companies in both large and small size. Park West Asset Management LLC filed a 13F report in the first quarter of 2022, which details the equity portfolio of its guru. This document is limited in scope, as it only details long positions in stocks listed in U.S. exchanges. Furthermore, it does not disclose short positions, international holdings, or other types of investments. Nevertheless, the 13F report still contains valuable information.

In its latest SEC filings, Park West Asset Management LLC disclosed 88 stocks. The firm’s portfolio was valued at approximately $2,877 million USD. The firm’s top three holdings include Caesars Entertainment Inc (US:CZR), Enovix Corporation (US:ENVX), and Option Care Health Inc. (US:OPCH).

It advises several private funds

New York-based Park West Asset Management advises several private funds on various legal matters. Its asset management group is headed by Lawrence Barshay, who is an innovator and thought partner for his clients. In addition to Lawrence Barshay, the firm has Rami Turayhi, Russel Perkins, and Jeffrey Schatz. In addition, Park West has a specialized Washington, DC, team led by Jeremy Berry.

The firm’s team of attorneys provides comprehensive legal services for the formation and operation of private funds, including structuring and implementing investment policies. In addition to funds of one, the firm also helps clients establish hybrid funds that combine private equity and other investment styles. Park West has extensive experience advising both public and private funds. Its team of lawyers includes Joseph Smith, Stephanie Breslow, and Matthew Goetz. The firm’s lawyers have experience in all areas of private fund management, and their attorneys are familiar with the regulatory issues that arise in these funds.

It has 88 total holdings

According to its most recent SEC filing, Park West Asset Management has 88 total holding companies, with a portfolio value of $ 2,877,609,000 USD. Some of its top holdings include Caesars Entertainment Inc. (US:CZR), Enovix Corporation (US:ENVX), and Option Care Health Inc. (US:OPCH). Park West Asset Management focuses on investing in United States companies, as 31.8% of its portfolio’s value is made up of companies with a market cap greater than $10 billion. Smaller companies, on the other hand, make up 7.1% of its holdings, with an average market cap of less than $8.03 billion.

Park West Asset Management has recently opened a position in Five9 Inc., purchasing 380,000 shares worth $52.2 million. The company owns 0.1% of Five9 Inc, and its holdings account for 11.4% of its Technology sector allocation. Five9 Inc has decreased in price by 0.1% over the past year. Other recent purchases by Park West Asset Management include Enovix Corporation, where the company holds 12,472,625 shares worth $339 million.

It has $5.8B in assets under management
Park West Asset Management
Park West Asset Management

Larkspur-based Park West Asset Management manages over $5.8B in assets under management. It has been one of the top fund managers since 2002, and has built an excellent reputation for identifying and executing sound investment strategies. The firm’s assets are spread across various sectors, including real estate, private equity, and hedge funds. As a result, its portfolio includes the JW Marriott Essex House, a landmark in Manhattan’s Central Park South.

It employs 18 people

Fund managers in Larkspur include Park West Asset Management, which manages $3.35 billion in regulatory assets on behalf of eight clients. The firm employs 18 people, with 61 percent of those employees working as investment advisers. The firm does not engage in other business activities. While it does employ investment adviser representatives, it does not conduct financial planning or invest in securities. Clients pay a fixed percentage of their assets, which is based on the firm’s performance.

The firm is headed by Ron Brown, a UC Berkeley graduate and Stanford graduate who has spent his entire career in investment banking and investment management in the Bay Area. He has held positions on Stanford’s LEAD council and co-chaired his 10th and 15th undergraduate reunion campaigns. He also serves on the advisory boards of the Graduate School of Education and the San Francisco Day School. Although the firm does not have offices outside the United States, Brown is a strong supporter of community organizations.

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