Scopus Asset Management

Scopus Asset Management vs SAC Capital

Scopus Asset Management
Scopus Asset Management

Scopus Asset Management is an investment management company that specializes in U.S. equity markets and employs 22 people. It charges higher fees than SAC Capital and uses sub-advisers to help it in certain areas of trading. It is a relatively new firm that has been in the business for eight years and serves clients in the United States and Canada.

Scopus Asset Management charges higher fees than SAC Capital

SAC Capital is a hedge fund managed by billionaire investor Steven A. Cohen. The firm charges a 3 percent asset management fee and receives 50 percent of its trading profits. The fee structure has allowed Cohen to grow his firm to 950 employees. In addition, SAC Re, Cohen’s insurance company, has invested $530 million in his fund. Both SAC Capital and SAC Re declined to comment on the redemptions.

Scopus Asset Management, on the other hand, has a longer and larger history in the hedge fund industry. Founded by trader Alexander Mitchell six years after SAC Capital, Scopus is a large firm with $2.8 billion in assets. The firm also manages SAC Capital’s funds separately, but Scopus charges higher fees than SAC Capital does. Scopus keeps 25 to 40 percent of its profits and charges a 1 percent to 2 percent asset management fee.

It uses sub-advisers to bolster areas of trading

Scopus Asset Management is a large advisory firm based in New York that manages over $2.68 billion in regulatory assets and five client accounts. It was founded by trader Alexander Mitchell, who previously worked for hedge fund veteran Michael Steinhardt. The company now employs 22 people, with 64 percent of them working as investment advisers. The firm also employs research analysts and does not have any offices outside the U.S.

Sub-advisers are typically hired by large hedge funds. A smaller firm can also hire an outside firm to manage part of its money. The sub-adviser will work closely with a fund’s portfolio manager to augment areas of trading and due diligence.

It employs 22 people

Scopus Asset Management is an investment management firm based in New York. It is currently acting as a hedge fund sponsor. The company was founded in 1998 and is employee-owned. It employs 21 people and uses fundamental analysis and bottom-up investment methods to make investments. The firm has been registered with the SEC since 2012.

The company manages more than $3.5 billion of total assets. It advises five hedge funds and several private funds. A client has to commit at least $1 million in each fund. Scopus employs 22 people, of which about a quarter are investment adviser representatives. They take advisory fees from a percentage of the assets they manage.

The firm is run by Steve Cohen, who wants to return $4 billion to outside investors. He hopes to do so by hiring outside firms to help with the money management. He also has an investment advisory firm called Constellation Investment Consulting.

It invests in U.S. equity markets

Scopus Asset Management
Scopus Asset Management

Scopus Asset Management invests in U.S. equity markets, focusing on companies that have strong growth potential. However, it has a high risk profile. The firm has a high turnover rate, and has lost money on several investments. In addition, it has a poor reputation and does not have a lot of research on the market. Investors should take this into account when evaluating a fund.

Scopus Asset Management manages over $3.5 billion in assets, and is home to five discretionary accounts. The firm also provides services to pooled investment vehicles. It charges advisory fees on a percentage of assets. Scopus also charges high fees. Investors should expect to pay between one and two percent of their assets, although the amount varies from year to year.

In addition to Cohen, Adams Hill Capital is another small investment firm that manages money for SAC Capital Advisors. Both firms manage a pool of money specifically for the SAC Capital portfolio.


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