SECOR Asset Management

SECOR Asset Management, LP, is a global asset management firm with offices in London, Palo Alto, and New York. Their objective is to provide clients with a broad range of quantitative and multi-asset investment solutions. They focus on generating returns while managing risk. Read on to learn more about the services SECOR provides. Here are a few reasons to choose SECOR for your investment portfolio. To find out more about SECOR Asset Management, read on.


SECOR Asset Management
SECOR Asset Management

SECOR Asset Management is an investment company with between eleven and fifty employees, located in Florida. The company focuses on providing clients with access to their capabilities and investment strategies, all within a client-centric boutique. SECOR understands the importance of firm culture and ownership structure to the success of its employees, so the company is comprised primarily of employees, with the remainder owned by Barings, which holds a minority stake.

SECOR is compensated by the amount of assets that it manages for its clients. The company also participates in performance-based fees from one client, typically a percentage of the pension fund’s assets. Employees at Secor are not granted discretionary authority over client assets, and they are not permitted to participate in soft dollar arrangements with broker-dealers. As of the latest filing, the firm manages $14.6 billion in non-discretionary regulatory assets.


SECOR Asset Management, LP is a global asset management firm with offices in London and New York. The firm provides customized and comprehensive investment solutions to institutional clients in the financial industry. Clients include multi-national corporations with pension plans in the U.S. and Europe, foundations, and endowments. The company was founded in 2010, and is managed by an executive management team. Its mission is to provide superior investment performance while minimizing risks and generating attractive returns.

SECOR aims to bring together individuals with decades of experience in the industry, including portfolio managers from prominent investment firms, into a client-centric boutique. The firm recognizes the importance of its culture and ownership structure in motivating its employees. For example, most of its shares are owned by employees, while Barings owns a minority interest. These employees are invested in a number of companies, including SECOR, and SECOR also has an office in Beijing.


SECOR asset management is a global investment advisory firm. They advise on assets worth approximately $46 billion and manage a diverse portfolio for family offices and institutional investors. The firm has offices throughout Florida, and they are affiliated with Moet Hennessy USA, one of the largest producers of luxury spirits and champagnes in the U.S., as well as the Moffitt Cancer Center, which contributes to the treatment and prevention of cancer. They also operate an open architecture fund distribution platform, MFEX Mutual Funds Exchange.

SECOR is an institutional investment advisory firm based in New York and London. They implement multi-asset and quantitative investment strategies that focus on managing risk and generating desired returns. The firm employs former chief investment officers to manage clients’ funds and has a highly specialized team. Their clients include institutions like foundations and multi-national corporations. Because of their institutional expertise and broad investment range, SECOR is well-positioned to deliver thoughtful and effective investment solutions.

SECOR Asset Management
SECOR Asset Management

Are SECOR Asset Management and Eolas Capital related? Are they shareholders in the same company? Here’s a look at the companies’ history and affiliations. SECOR Asset Management, LP and Eolas Capital are both investment advisors and incubators that offer business solutions to asset managers. Both companies will help SECOR market quantitative investment strategies and help mitigate risk across multiple asset classes. Interested investors can view SECOR’s annual reports to learn more about the company and its strategy.

SECOR Asset Management, LP is an institutional investment management firm based in New York City. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in providing customized and comprehensive solutions for institutional clients. Its clients include multi-national corporate pensions in the U.S. and Europe, endowments and foundations, and other financial institutions. The company’s management team comprises three investment professionals with extensive experience in the financial industry. They have a total of 35 years of investment management experience, including positions as the Chief Investment Officer of General Motors Asset Management, responsible for $130 billion in global employee benefit plans. Additionally, they have served on the Editorial Board of Journal of Investment Management and Journal of Investment Consulting. They hold an MBA in Finance from New York University and are the President of the Paul Koors Memorial Foundation.

Investment strategy

SECOR Asset Management is a global risk management and investment advisory firm. Its flagship hedged equity fund has grown by more than 50% in its first year. The fund uses options and futures to protect your investments. As of 30 April 2022, it had PS163 million in AUM, or total assets under management. It has also performed 3.14% ahead of its benchmark MSCI ACWI. Investing in hedged equity requires a lot of research and planning, but this investment strategy has already paid off.

SECOR has two new partners. Gretchen Tai and Kenneth Frier both have extensive experience running some of the world’s largest pension plans. Tai is a former chief investment officer of HP’s Shoreline Investment Management Co. and Frier previously led HP’s money management group. Both Frier and Tai will be focusing on expanding SECOR’s business on the West Coast, bringing with them their global equity strategy.

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