Serengeti Asset Management

Serengeti Asset Management LP is a New York-based, large advisory firm. It currently manages $1.62 billion of regulatory assets on behalf of 36 client accounts. Founded in 2002, the firm has been registered with the SEC and is located in New York. Although it is registered with the SEC, it does not engage in financial planning services or engage in any other business activities. Here are some of the things you need to know about this New York-based firm.

Serengeti Asset Management LP

Serengeti Asset Management
Serengeti Asset Management

As of the most recent SEC filing, Serengeti Asset Management LP holds assets in 41 companies. These companies represent 96% of its total AUM, with the remaining 1% comprised of other assets. The firm has several revenue streams, including a management fee that is calculated as a percentage of its assets under management. This practice is based on the philosophy that client compensation should align with their interests, promoting a long-term relationship. However, these fees do not include taxes or account expenses.

Serengeti Asset Management LP is a large advisory firm based in New York. The firm has over $1.61 billion in assets under management and advises 36 client accounts. It is registered with the SEC since 2012 and is headquartered in New York. However, it is not a registered broker-dealer or a financial advisor. Investors should check with the firm’s SEC registration status before investing in their products.

Its funds

Currently, there are several ways to invest in the funds managed by Serengeti Asset Management L.P. The company has over $26.3 million in assets under management. Its primary investment vehicles are pooled investment vehicles and private placements. Serengeti invests in niche credit and private investment opportunities. It does not provide personal financial planning services. For more information, read about the funds managed by Serengeti Asset Management.

The firm’s private funds require investments of between $100,000 and $25 million. Its funds invest in various industries and markets and focus on undervalued and underserved niches. It has invested in less-efficient sectors and focuses on opportunistic credit strategies. Its funds seek opportunities in smaller markets, where the need for capital is higher. In addition, it also focuses on illiquid companies with low valuations.

Its strategies

Serengeti Asset Management
Serengeti Asset Management

Located in New York, Serengeti Asset Management is an alternative asset manager focused on complex, niche assets. The firm uses fundamental and credit analyses to identify investment opportunities and diversify its investments. Its strategies focus on special situations, liquidity events, and distressed corporate and sovereign debt. However, it does not provide personal financial planning services. Instead, it manages the assets of institutional and individual investors. Consequently, these investors can expect a highly diversified portfolio of investments.

Serengeti Asset Management has made 4 investments. LumiThera is one of the latest, and was recently purchased as part of Debt on March 3, 2022. In addition, Serengeti manages eight funds. Among these are Teddy Mobile, a data management service for smartphones. The app extracts useful information from messages, and blocks unwanted calls. Serengeti also advises individual shareholders on the best investments.

Its assets under management

The Serengeti team advises institutional clients on investments in credit and equity markets, focusing on sectors with attractive credit prospects. These areas include distressed corporate and sovereign debt, liquidations, public equities, and reinsurance. In addition to managing institutional accounts, Serengeti also provides non-discretionary investment advice. In addition to their advisory services, Serengeti also manages its own funds.

Serengeti Asset Management has approximately $1.61 billion of assets under management for 35 clients. Their portfolio is made up of a mix of pooled investment vehicles and managed accounts, with a significant percentage of foreign clients. The firm advises nine hedge funds and four private equity funds. The minimum investment amount varies between $100,000 and $25 million. Serengeti’s fees range from 0.75% to 0.95% of assets under management.

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