Solus Alternative Asset Management

Solus Alternative Asset Management LP is known for its investments in companies like Toys “R” Us, and it’s also a frequent lender to distressed borrowers. It also holds large stakes in energy companies, which are prone to volatility, especially after the collapse of oil prices. However, as it sells its holdings, it will limit redemptions. This is not a bad thing, as it will give you the opportunity to sell your investment as it increases its portfolio.


Solus Alternative Asset Management
Solus Alternative Asset Management

The Solus Alternative Asset Management LP has a total of 1 fund and one team member. Former Managing Director Alex Urdea is on the team. The firm allocates 100% of its funds to the Communication Services sector. As of the last SEC filing, Solus disclosed one regulatory violation, and paid a $65,000 fine. In addition, the fund’s website does not provide offers to purchase securities or other financial instruments.

The firm focuses on three sectors for its portfolio. The Energy sector makes up 22.3% of the portfolio’s value. Moreover, the fund is primarily based in the United States, with 36.4% of its investments based in the country. It also invests in large-cap companies, with an average market capital of $183 billion. In addition, the firm manages separate accounts for individual clients. The portfolio of Solus Alternative Asset Management L.P. comprises of individual stocks, as well as hedge funds and mutual funds.

Investment strategy

Solus Alternative Asset Management (SAL) is a privately-held SEC-registered investment adviser that specializes in event-driven, distressed, special-situation, and distressed opportunities. The firm manages approximately $3.3 billion in assets for institutional investors. The firm’s investment strategy emphasizes value creation, alpha generation, and low correlation to primary asset classes. For more information on Solus, please visit its website.

A key element of Solus’ investment strategy is the creation of single-opportunity solutions that are uncorrelated to major market indices. This strategy focuses on investing in the debt and equity of late-stage companies, including credit-default-protected securities, trade-backed instruments, and bank loans. Solus repositions its portfolio on a regular basis to reflect compelling risk-adjusted investment opportunities.


Solus Alternative Asset Management
Solus Alternative Asset Management

The investment philosophy of Solus Alternative Asset Management is to invest in special situations, distressed and event-driven opportunities, while maintaining low correlation with primary asset classes. The firm’s approach emphasizes value creation and alpha generation. Listed below are the key points of the Solus Alternative Asset Management funds. These strategies are suited for those who seek a higher return than they could receive from a traditional portfolio. The Solus Alternative Asset Management funds are primarily held by investors seeking to avoid the complexities of the traditional stock market.

As for the fees, the fund’s management fees are based on a percentage of assets under management. These fees are generally fixed at 0.5% per month, with some funds charging performance-based fees. Details on fees are included in the fund offering documents. In terms of regulatory compliance, Solus Alternative Asset Management LP has paid a $65,000 fine for violating the SEC’s regulations. Further, it has a history of lending to distressed borrowers.


Employees of Solus Alternative Asset Management specialize in alternative investments. The firm specializes in distressed and special situation investments and repositions portfolios to take advantage of the best risk-adjusted investment opportunities. The firm’s staff has deep knowledge of market technical analysis and fundamental valuation. They will provide you with a detailed profile of each investment opportunity, including its pros and cons. Employees of Solus Alternative Asset Management may receive a percentage of the company’s revenue from these investments.

For employees of Solus Alternative Asset Management, reading reviews of the firm’s services will help you determine whether the company is right for you. Employee reviews may reveal how the company treats its employees and how they are compensated. You may also learn how much training is offered. Additionally, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the company’s business practices and what skills are required for certain positions. Additionally, reviews may reveal any negative aspects of Solus Alternative Asset Management.

Office in Summit, New Jersey

Two companies have signed leases in downtown Summit. Newmark Associates announced the signing of leases with Lexerd Capital Management and Solus Alternative Asset Management. Lexerd Capital Management specializes in multifamily assets in the United States. Solus Alternative Asset Management is a private investment advisory firm that has renewed a lease on its second-floor office. It is one of the nation’s fastest-growing firms.

Another firm that has recently opened in Summit is StretchLab. This company, which is the largest stretching franchise in the country, is expanding operations in downtown Summit. The company’s Summit location at 412-414 Springfield Ave will be the home of the current franchise owner, as well as expanding beyond existing locations in Livingston and Morristown. This expansion means that a company with more than 20,000 employees is now expanding in Summit.

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