Symphony Asset Management

If you’re looking for an alternative investment manager, you might be considering Symphony Asset Management. The company has 82 employees and charges 0.40% per year for service. However, this firm has several things you may want to consider before choosing them. Read on to learn about their investment strategies and 82 employees. You might also be interested in their bottom-up security selection approach and investment strategies. This article will give you a brief overview of what to expect from Symphony Asset Management.

82 employees

Symphony Asset Management
Symphony Asset Management

Symphony Asset Management is an investment manager based in Chicago, Illinois. The firm applies a team-based approach to fundamental research, valuation, and risk analysis across the entire corporate capital structure. This allows the firm to identify relative value and translate that into the risk-reward outcomes that their clients desire. As of 2016, the firm has 82 employees and $5.3 billion in assets under management. The firm employs 82 people in total, including eighteen investment advisors and associates.

The company advises several private funds, including eight hedge funds and seven other private funds. It also advises 13 securitized asset funds. About 34 percent of the firm’s employees work as researchers and investment advisers. The remaining employees are responsible for client referrals and operations. Symphony Asset Management has 82 employees, including eight financial planners and 24 loan team members. However, many of these employees do not receive compensation from the company for referrals.

0.40% annual fee

The 0.40% annual fee for Symphony Asset Management is a fairly standard amount for a financial adviser. The firm offers several investment programs that are typically offered at a lower fee. Among the most common of these is its SMA program, which typically charges 0.40% annually. Some programs, however, charge higher fees – up to three percent of the client’s AUM – as a wrap fee. In addition to its SMA program fee, Symphony charges investment services for collateralized loan obligations, hedged private funds, and long-only private funds.

In addition to providing investment management services, Symphony is a sub-advisor to the Nuveen funds, which are publicly-traded. Its investment strategies rely on equity and debt strategies and are generally bottom-up. The firm uses quantitative and fundamental analysis to determine investment candidates. It also uses proprietary computerized models and other data sources to make the right investment decisions. In addition to its fee, clients also receive performance fees and other special profit allocations.

Bottom-up security selection

The fundamentals of bottom-up security selection are important when managing your investment portfolio. When you invest with Symphony, you’re buying stocks at less than their NAV and hoping they will outperform their historical average. You don’t want to spend more than the market is willing to give you for your money, but if you’re in the wrong market for the wrong reasons, you’ll be disappointed.

Symphony Asset Management
Symphony Asset Management

Symphony invests its cash balances and profits from its investments to fund investments, pay expenses, and distribute earnings to shareholders. It also generates additional cash from time to time through the sale of listed securities. Symphony has over US$67 million of listed securities as of 31 December 2020 and US$109 million as of 31 December 2021. This fund holds its securities through intermediary holding companies, so it’s not difficult to maintain a steady stream of cash to fund its operations.

Investment strategies

For investors looking for reliable and professional advice regarding their portfolios, Symphony Asset Management is a great choice. This San Francisco-based firm offers clients access to structured products, hedge funds, and high yield bonds. Its investment strategies focus on intellectually sound analysis of earnings quality and industry trends. In addition to this, it monitors various websites and trade journals for information. Regardless of the investment strategy chosen, it is committed to delivering consistent returns, regardless of market conditions.

The company is a fee-only investment advisory firm, meaning it does not receive any outside income or commissions from its investments. This helps to eliminate conflicts of interest. Founded in 1994, Symphony Asset Management employs more than two dozen financial advisors. Although the firm focuses primarily on institutional accounts, it also lists individual accounts with it. In many cases, these accounts belong to Symphony’s own employees. If you’re looking for an investment advisor, try using its advisor matching tool.

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