Todd Asset Management

Todd Asset Management
Todd Asset Management

Todd Asset Management LLC is a financial firm that works with high net worth individuals and charitable organizations. The firm manages money for 38 high-net-worth individuals, which the SEC defines as having at least $750,000 in assets under management and a net worth of at least $1.50 million. In addition, qualified purchasers must have at least $5 million in investment assets to be considered high-net-worth. For more information, visit


John Todd is a Senior Portfolio Manager with Todd-Veredus Asset Management LLC. He joined the firm in 2006 after serving as a Director of Research at Wachovia Securities in Charlotte. Before joining Todd-Veredus, Todd worked for the First National Bank of Atlanta, where he served as an analyst and portfolio manager for seven years. Bos is originally from Havertown, Pennsylvania, where he earned a BS in Business Administration from Trinity College and an MBA from Colgate Darden Graduate School of Business Administration at the University of Virginia.

Todd Asset Management has grown to become one of the largest investment managers in the world, focusing on large cap value investments. Its founder, Bos Todd, initiated a large cap equity investment strategy that continues to grow. Today, Todd Asset Management manages over $5 trillion in assets and employs this strategy. Todd has offices throughout the United States, including New York and London. As a member of the CFA Institute, Todd’s senior management team has a wealth of experience in asset management.


Todd Asset Management
Todd Asset Management

The Portfolio of Todd Asset Management is comprised of approximately $3.88 billion in assets. It invests in 13 sectors, and technology makes up around 12.1% of the total portfolio value. Todd Asset Management concentrates on United States-based companies, with 34.8% of its portfolio being based in the U.S. The company is based in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, the firm has one active position, worth $83.1 million, in Totalenergies, Se.

Siers joined Todd Asset Management as a summer intern in 2006. She earned her undergraduate degree in Finance from the University of Louisville. In August 2007, she became a full-time research analyst and earned her MBA with distinction. She has also completed the CFA designation, which was helpful in her promotion to portfolio manager. Siers is an active member of the CFA Society of Louisville and the CFA Institute. The firm has been around since 1884, and it continues to offer large-cap value products and strategies to investors.


Typically, Todd Asset Management charges based on the services they provide to their clients. This fee structure is known as asset-based or fixed, and it may include the use of wrap fee programs. If you are interested in learning more about the fees that are charged by this firm, read on for some important information. These fees can impact your investment decisions. Read on to find out more about the types of fees that Todd Asset Management may charge you.

This company has a large client base, with more than $3 billion in regulatory assets under management. Their average client account is $43.5 million in value, and their advisors manage an average of 17 accounts. The firm’s offices are located at 101 South Fifth Street in Louisville, Kentucky. It is licensed to operate in 49 states. If you are interested in working with this firm, you should be aware of the fees it charges. These fees don’t include broker commissions, taxes, and other account expenses.


One of the largest advisory firms in the country is Todd Asset Management, LLC. The firm manages regulatory assets of $3.3 billion and has 382 client accounts. The firm has offices in Kentucky and Texas and employs over 20 people. It serves 16 clients and has a website dedicated to investors and potential investors. The information provided on the website is intended to be general information, and any opinions expressed herein are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the firm.

While the firm employs more than 20 people, about 25 percent of these individuals work as investment advisers. Four of them are registered investment adviser representatives. The firm compensates its employees for bringing in new clients, although it does not pay its employees for referring clients. The firm also has an executive team, led by Robert Philip Bordogna, and a new Marketing Director in the form of Christopher Abbott Bennett. The SEC registers one indirect owner, Robert Philip Bordogna.

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